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"I Am Amazed That You Share This Secret"

"A woman in Rochester, New York, approached me after one of my Write A Book In Three Weeks - Or Less seminars and said, 'You could have continued to write one book after another with your great system, and no one the wiser as to how you do it so fast. I am amazed that you share this secret. If I were you, I would never tell anyone else how I do it!'

"But I enjoy the success of other people," says Ginie. "I was surprised when I realized that not everyone feels this way.

"That's why I love sharing my secrets and methods with a wide audience. And I encourage you to study writing from many sources. Why? Because I do not believe that any one person is the 'be-all and end-all' of knowledge on any subject. And frankly, I do not trust those people who think their way is the only way.

"Frequently, it is the culmination of information from many sources that ignites your unique style of writing and ultimately your success as a writer," says Ginie.

"I am happy to share what I have learned - and happy to be part of your adventure as a writer."

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"Ginie Sayles is tremendous.

"Her techniques took my dream of writing a book and let me make it into a reality.

"Anyone who wants to be an author needs to run (not walk) to her course."

Jim Trippon, CPA
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Author of Stay Rich Forever

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