More Programs by Ginie Sayles

The Foolproof Guide To Meeting Men - The collection of Ginie's love-life programs.

How To Meet the Rich for Business and Friendship - How the rich can make you rich. Meeting the rich for business and friendship, a collection of Ginie's teachings on how to get to know the rich and become accepted in their circles. How to behave, what to do, and what not to do.

How To Do Business With The Rich - Understand how to sell and market to a rich clientele

How To Socialize With The Rich - Including Ginie's practical, legendary advice on "social climbing."

How To Marry The Rich (tm) - The special seminar Ginie Sayles is most famous for

Rich and Thin (tm) - Fascinating information on how the rich stay thin, plus Ginie's own methods for staying thin effortlessly

Rich Sex (tm) - The sexual dynamics of money. Intimate insight into the private lives of the rich, and how to keep your "RM" (Rich Mate) happy sexually

... And much, much more.

For information on how to order any of these courses and upcoming home-study programs, write to " info [@] ginie sayles . com (remove the spaces to create the email address).

For more information from Ginie Sayles, see her website,

"Run, Don't Walk, To This Course"

"Ginie Sayles is tremendous.

"Her techniques took my dream of writing a book and let me make it into a reality.

"Anyone who wants to be an author needs to run (not walk) to her course."

Jim Trippon, CPA
Financial Expert featured on CNN, Fox Business, and more
Author of Stay Rich Forever

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How To Write A Book In Three Weeks Or Less By Ginie Sayles